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The Crifit massage gun’s unique ergonomic grip is designed to make even those hard to reach areas, effortless. A specially engineered super quiet brushless-motor with 15 different speed settings, LED screen and 5 interchangeable massage heads. Along with 2 Samsung batteries giving you up to 6 hours run time, finished with a super premium quality soft material. All while operating at <50dbs (quieter than your average electric toothbrush 60-70dbs) You can see why Crifit is leading the way in style, quality and performance.

CriFit is the industry leading percussion massage gun, suitable for a wide range of applications including sports warmup, post-workout recovery sessions for athletes and sore muscle relief for anyone suffering from a number of limiting and painful conditions.

The benefits of massage therapy are well documented, and many of us have experienced the benefits of attending sessions with a professional practitioner.  But to get the full benefits, repeated treatments over a long period of time are usually necessary.  This can be inconvenient for those with busy schedules, not to mention costly.  But now, there is another way.

The CriFit muscle massager gun makes it possible for everyone, from fitness fans to those with limited mobility, to derive similar benefits in the comfort of their own homes. This electronic muscle massager can be used whenever you need it – first thing in the morning, during your lunch break, or right after a fitness workout – so there’s no more juggling your diary to fit in your appointments.  And since the muscle gun is yours to own, you wont have to keep paying out for treatment sessions month after month.

Stimulating blood flow to your muscles has many beneficial results, including improved range of motion, more effective removal of waste products, and the repair of damaged tissue.  Whenever your muscles become stressed – whether due to an athletic workout, a medical condition, or environmental factors such as having to sit at a desk for several hours – a prompt and targeted massage session can trigger the natural processes which soothe the aches and improve joint and muscle function.  Now, thanks to the CriFit massage gun UK fitness enthusiasts and others can access this treatment within the all important recovery window.

With 15 speed settings and 5 interchangeable massage heads, the CriFit gun massager can be used on joints and muscles anywhere in the body..


5 Interchangeable Massage Heads

Multiple massage heads which provide different benefits depending on which body part they are used on.

15 Different Speed Settings

A wide range of speed settings allows the CriFit massage gun to be comfortable for all users. Speeds ranging from 1600 - 3000 rpm

Ergonomic Grip

The tried and tested A-Frame design allows for natural holding position when using the CriFit, which further promotes user comfort.

2x Lithium Ion Batteries

The two ultra-lightweight lithium ion batteries allow for easy manouverability while providing long lasting charge times of up to 6 hours usage (charge time for batteries around 2 hours)

about Crifit

8 Big Benefits Of Crifit

CriFit proudly represents the leading massage gun in the industry, which helps to improve muscle tone and balance, relieve muscular tightness and reduce the physical stress placed on bones and joints.

Results Speak

For Themselves


I’d be lost without this miracle, being a bodybuilder training hard day in day out also being a fitness instructor so taking my body to the max. I get quite a few niggles which before crifit I ignored last year leading to a bad calf injury which put me out for my first show of the season Gutted wasn’t the word Them I found crifit this massage gun really is the best thing I’ve ever purchased My calf started to niggle again this season but every night I used the gun on it every night which prevented any further damage and niggle went after a couple of days as well as other niggles I get when body fat low I can’t rate enough tbh defiantly a 10+


At Wigan Strength & Conditioning
we have been using Crifit UK’s massage guns for over a year now. We endorse recovery post training to our athletes, asking them to massage each muscle group worked for 2 minutes followed by a 1-2hr break then repeat. We highly recommend the use of these massage guns as they have the same effect as a sports massage however you have access to these 24hrs a day. Being able to self massage allows you to relax tight muscles, break up scar tissue and adhesions, minimise muscles soreness and tension giving the athletes optimal amounts of recovery to train and compete for the rest of the week. And that ones from


I bought my crifit massage gun after I started picking up knocks and aches after playing football on a Saturday and Sunday. All I can say is WOW this really works no hobbling about or soreness or doms at all by far the best thing to come out of 2020 definitely recommend


Excellent piece of kit to have, not only after my gym sessions but I use it everyday after work too. It helps me de stress which is a lifesaver and the Mrs loves it too.

Whats IN

The Box?

1x Crifit Massage Gun ⁣⁣

1x Crifit Massage Gun ⁣⁣

1x Carry Case⁣⁣

1x UK Plug & Adapter

1x UK Plug & Adapter

5x Different massage heads⁣⁣

2x Lithium ion batterys⁣⁣

2x Lithium ion batterys⁣⁣

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